Breast Implants VancouverBreast implantation or augmentation is a surgery done for enlarging the breast with certain cosmetic surgery procedures. It is common now among the women to do certain plastic surgeries to enhance the beauty and structure of one’s physical appearance. There might be several reasons for women to do so like problem genetically in having smaller breast that is not suitable or post pregnancy related issues or to look young or any post surgical issues raised due to cancer treatment. This will enhance the look and feel of a woman and of course with certain complications that is common in any cosmetic or normal surgeries.


Possible Complications

The possible complication that might incur due to the surgery includes the area getting hardened due to the procedure which can cause pain, some infections, bleeding that is common, leakages in the area, accumulation of fluids, skins getting wrinkled and scars and so on. So how to get a clear information on all the details about the operation and the different types of methods available. These details could be got from the best doctor who will rather be a person who can explain the best method to the patient.

It is the individual’s responsibility to find the best doctor around the city by calculating certain features like seeing if the surgeon is a certified person, to know the expertise of the doctor and how many operations he has completed. To know all the procedures in how to undergo the surgery, the pre and post rules to be followed, to know the recommendations suiting the needs of the patient, where will the operation be done and the technicalities in the hospital. It is also good to have a detailed view about the complications that might incur post surgery and the steps to take care of how to go through them. If there is an emergency what are the things to be followed.


Healing From Surgery

The healing process could be started with medications orally which will control the pain within a week of the surgery. The clothes that is given by the doctor should be used which will make the breasts feel comfortable post operation. This might have to be used for the time frame as directed by the doctor. There should not be any exercise other than prescribed by the doctor or lifting anything heavy for the time specified by the doctor. The doctor uses only absorbable stitches around the area and incision tapes are removed within 3 weeks.


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