Best Breast Implants VancouverBreast Augmentation or implantation is a procedure done to enhance the look and feel of the breast by performing a simple cosmetic plastic surgery. This Augmentation Mammoplasty restructures the contour of the breast by changing the circumference of the chest part in the woman’s body. This surgery is done to correct the defects that are visible or to give a better shape and increase the projection of the breast. But one of the best usages is that the cancer cells in the breasts are removed. This surgery can be done for any woman with their own willingness to have a different look totally and at any age after the breasts stop growing.

The doctor knows well about the condition of the patient than the patient himself. Like any other plastic surgery this also gets started with an anaesthesia which is local or general decided by the doctor that best suits his patient. After which the choice of incision is made. The doctor here explains the different types that are available and use of each and every thing. Then a join decision is taken by the patient and the doctor keeping in mind the condition of the patient. The choice also depends upon various other factors that would be explained clearly to the patient. Then the incision is places with one of the several new techniques available now and you could see the changes right after the procedure is finished. Of course there are certain formalities post surgeries that would be directed by the doctor.


Types of Implants

There are two types of implant procedures available one of which could be chosen by the patient depending upon the requirements of size, texture and shape. They are:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants


Saline Implants:

This implantation technique uses the saline water for filling the model. This model is made of silicone that are thick and RTV shells. However the aim of this implant technicality was very less persistent technique emplacement through a small incision surgery. After emplacing the implant to the pockets the doctor fills the device with the solution that is saline in nature. And with this method since the incisions are small the result will also be minimal that is the projection will also be smaller when compared to the other method. This is a very contemporary method of doing a breast implantation and used very rarely these days.


Silicone Implants:

The second and the latest technology development in the breast technology is this one. In this method the models are filled with silicone gel and operated. There were several improvements in this particular method. They first started with filling the gel in the silicone sack and placing them in the chest wall. After which the gauge of the model was made thin and the gel used was less cohesion. But this method had some challenges which paved way for another improvement which used the shell with foam coating and caused inflammatory reaction. This also had a potential risk and the next development was lumen implant device made of silicone. There were some more developments in this technology and the latest one used is the implant that is made of gel that is semi solid that eliminated and the movement.

Therefore, it is an individual’s sole wish to choose the best method for oneself.


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