Breast Augmentation VancouverBreast Augmentation is a method that is performed to increase the size and texture of the breast by doing a simple plastic surgery. This is medically termed as Augmentation mammoplasty. This is done to restructure a defective breast or a cancer cell in the breast or the wall of the chest by the cosmetic surgery. It is also performed under a circumstance where one of the breasts is visibly smaller than the other one. Post surgery the projection of the breast will increase which will give a perfect balance to the structure of the woman’s physical look. The hemisphere of the chest is changed and the contour defects are corrected in the surgery. The implant can either be filled with a gel like substance made of silicon or saline solution. The surgery is performed usually after the growth of the breasts is stopped.

The surgery begins with a general or local anaesthesia that is chosen by the surgeon himself that is suitable for the patient. The next step is choosing the incision. Again this is an outcome that is best suitable for the patient after the doctor describes the different types available. The choice may also depend upon the enlargement that is required by the patient and the preference of the patient. Then is the method of incision placement. There are several new techniques available for this now and after which the incisions are closed. The procedure is over and the results could be seen visible directly.


Feeding After Augmentation

There is a general fear that the feeding baby would not be possible after breast augmentation. This is true to an extent as the procedure of breast implantation does several changes to the breast and that might cause possible damages to the lactating substances inside. Therefore, it is better for the patient who wishes to undergo an augmentation process to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon about the post difficulties in feeding the infant and the repercussions. It is also a better idea to do the augmentation process after delivering babies.


Possible Medical complications

Each and every cosmetic surgery will have its own complications which cannot be left behind. However, this particular process is not very risky if all the procedures are perfectly followed as directed by the physician. Some of the risks include excessive bleeding, risk due to anaesthesia, pain, a wrongly done process, nipple sensation changes, scar around the breast, fluid accumulation and so on. Again since this is a cosmetic surgery, there cannot be any guarantee that comes life time. It’s up to the patient to deal with all the complications or issues that arise to the surgery. Also, the breasts that are augmented might get changed to several reasons like menopause, pregnancy or any other reason. However, regular visits to the doctor can keep you informed about the various stages and the changes you are going through.

On the whole, any cosmetic surgery for that matter needs a deep research and a confidence to face all the problems post surgery. Also it is important to choose a right doctor who will assist you a long way ahead.

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