Liposuction Vancouver BCWhat is liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that will help removing the excess fat content in the human body. This is done as an alternative to lose fat at a particular part of the body which does not respond well with diet or exercise. Nowadays it is considered to be an easy procedure where one does not require hospitalization and could be done as an outpatient. General or local anaesthesia could be given depending on the amount of fat to be removed off from the body and the same will be decided by the physician. However, it is also a dangerous to remove a large amount of fat from the body which may be life threatening.


Where and who can do Liposuction?

Liposuction alias Lipo is done to only certain areas like thighs, abdomen, face, legs, breasts, upper arms, calves etc. It is commonly misunderstood that obesity could be treated with Lipo. It is not recommended to treat stretch marks and obesity. It is performed for people who are fit and non smoking for many months. Also the safety of the procedure is dependent on the patient’s health and the type of the anaesthesia that is chosen. The patient choosing to do Lipo should be over 18 years of age, be in proper diet and do workout regularly and continuously. Sometimes Liposuction could treat certain medical conditions like metabolic issues in the body, male breast abnormally large and some fatty tumours.


How are Liposuction done and its outcome?

There are many procedures through which Liposuction is performed.

  • A standard method in which a straw like structure is inserted into the part where fat content is high and it is attached to a vacuum container outside. The surgeon will break the fat cells inside by pushing the straw in and out to remove all them. This procedure is called as Suction liposuction.
  • Another method is using the Ultra sound technique where the surgeon will pass ultra sound vibration inside the patient’s body which will crack down the fat cells and can be later taken out through suction. However, the additional fat content should be removed using the Suction method which created certain complications then. Modern ultra sound techniques used now is much safer. This procedure is called as Ultrasound Liposuctions.

There are many more procedures like Laser, External ultrasound, power, SAFE lipo etc that could be chosen based on the requirements of the patient and their health conditions. However, the whole process of Liposuction is considered complicated which might have several side effects. It is up to the patient’s wish to get treated in order to remove the fat content.


Cost of Liposuction and the factors that influence cost

There could be certain factors that influence the cost of performing liposuctions by the surgeons. That includes choosing a surgeon itself. If the surgeon is an expert in this and highly in demand, the cost would be high. Also, it depends in the person who wishes to do a Lipo. The cost is directly proportional to the fat content if the body.

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