Rhinoplasty Cost VancouverRhinoplasty is a plastic surgery made to reform a nose that is not in perfect shape or looks asymmetrical. It is the sole decision of an individual to undergo such a change or not. Any cosmetic surgery is very common these days and people are tending to undergo any challenge to look the best. These cosmetic surgeries fall very cheap to the upper class people and for guys who are exposed to the world through media and cinema. It is a necessity for them to look good and be at one’s best. The nose is a noticeable thing on everyone’s face and it determines the overall look and feel of one’s face. So, if one’s nose is placed and positioned properly it is understood that the person will look exceptionally handsome.

By undergoing Rhinoplasty, the size of the nose could be changed, the positioning of the nose could be changed and even adjust the overall position between the nose and the lips. The tip of the nose also could be improved by doing some minor adjustments. All these could be probable with the appropriate guidance from a physician. Anybody can take up this procedure in order to change the look of feel of theirs once their nose is completely grown. Average age for complete growth of a nose for female is 16 years and for a male is 18 years. The doctor will do the normal analysis of the patient if they are capable enough to undergo this surgery and determine if the patient is already under any medical treatment history. After analyzing all the possible consequences the doctor decides and lets the patient know about the success rate of the operation.

The procedure could be done with a general or local anesthesia by segregating the nose skin and the tissues from the framework and arrange it proportionately and per the patient’s requirement. The incisions are made with respect to the patient nose size which is inserted in the inner side of the nose such that they are undistinguishable easily. Cartilages and bones are removed and inserted as per the requirement, a splint is fixed giving it proper shape. Some of the common problems after every surgery will be seen for this as well like issue on the nose skin, excessive bleeding, and risk of anesthesia, infection and blockage. A person undergoing such operation should also be mentally courageous to accept all the challenges that might arise that are good and bad.

The average cost of performing this surgery in the Vancouver area of Canada starts at $4000 and may end up around $20,000 depending upon various diagnoses. Since this falls under the category of cosmetic surgery many insurance company do not have policies to cover these rates. Hence one cannot expect an insurance reimbursement for these cases and have to handle the money themselves. A cosmetic surgery could be successful or a failure and may depend on various factors. One must analyze the pro and cons in all possible ways in advance and decide accordingly.

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