What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty VancouverUndergoing a plastic or a cosmetic surgery for reshaping the parts of the body is becoming very common these days. By doing certain surgeries one could be transformed the way they wish and look better than before. Of course everything that is against nature will have some effects of its own however that could be treated as well. Rhinoplasty is one such method that is done for reshaping the nose. Nose is an important part in one’s face that decides the overall beauty. When one does not like the way it looks it could be transformed by Rhinoplasty. It could either be made big or small or also change the whole orientation of the nose in one’s face. The whole proportion of the nose can also be changed according to the placement of the upper lip. The tip of the nose could be altered and other corrections as requirement by the patient could be done with the proper suggestion from a good physician.

The procedure starts by giving a local or a general anesthesia performed either by a plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist or a maxillofacial surgeon which will separate the skin of the nasal and its tissues that are soft from the framework to property design them proportionately as required by the patient. The incisions are done to contact the bone that supports the nose and are made always in the inner side so that they remain invisible even after the surgical procedure. Some of the cartilages and bones might have to be removed for attaining the desired result or even some tissues could be added. After the rearrangement, the skin is molded a splint is fitted on the nose to get a shape. The whole procedure could also be done as an outpatient but it is recommended to be at the hospital for a day or two.

The surgery could be done as an open or a closed one that comes under the surgical procedure as explained above. There is also a procedure which is non-surgical where the doctor would modify the nose with help of injection. However, the results of a non-surgical procedure could be temporary and may not be as effective as the surgical procedure.

Anybody could undergo this procedure after the nose is fully developed. It takes around 16 years for a female and 18 years for a male to have a fully developed nose. Further the doctor will analyze the patient and determine whether it would be suitable to undergo the procedure. The complete history of the patient is analyzed if the patient is already under medical treatment for any other medical conditions. The mental health of the patient is also analyzed.

Some of the very common things that everyone might face are excessive bleeding, skin issues, anesthesia risk, some kind of infection and nose block. However, it is the sole individual’s discretion to undergo any cosmetic surgery and make pre planned mental strength to overcome it successfully as nose is one of the prominent parts in everyone’s face and it takes an important place to determine the beauty.


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